Other Artists at the Gallery

In addition to Ron Renner’s own works, the Gallery houses works by …

Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was a Spanish surrealist renowned for his technical skill and unusual paintings, his most famous being The Persistence of Memory. The Ron Renner Gallery is proud to hold a signed and numbered original Meisonnier.

James Gibson

James Gibson is well known as one of the earliest Florida Highwaymen artists, literally selling paintings from the trunk of his car in the 1950s. He began taking painting lessons at age 18, took a detour as a college student studying biology at Tennessee State University, and then returned to his first choice of becoming a working artist. He has since dedicated his work to the Florida landscape, painting the scenes he grew up with — mangrove swamps and palms, bogs and sunsets — all of the things that make Florida’s landscape unique. Gibson is now considered an accomplished artist. He helped to establish an art genre known as Florida’s Indian River School. Two of his paintings were recently featured in Steven Spielberg’s movie Catch Me if You Can. He was featured in the 2003 Art for Living Calendar and was one of the Florida artists selected to do an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree in 2002.

John Zaccheo

From Time magazine to the collection of the late Nelson Rockefeller, the impressionist paintings of artist John Zaccheo have been admired and collected across the United States. Zaccheo brings to each piece of work priceless memories and experiences gained from his travels to thirty-six different countries, from the exotic South Sea Islands to the Amazon River. From highlight to shadow, the works of this prolific painter capture the purity of Mediterranean light and air, resulting in lush, picturesque vistas bathed in lavender and blue. His paintings are also in the collections of former President Jimmy Carter, the estate of Anwar Sadat, and former Prime Minister Menachim Begin.